Monday, December 17, 2012

Catching up - Day 17 Blogging Marathon

The tree is up
The house is decked
Lights are on
And the smiles are spread

Shopping to be done
Gifts yet to buy
Cards to be sent
And menu yet to plan

Thats in shory the current status of the festive galore. Sickness doing rounds in the house for last 10 days has delayed everything. But we are catching up slowly. The mood is being set. Lots of twinkling stars are brightening up the atmosphere.

I am still bedridden. Tired of lying down. But getting up slowly.
Dont want to miss out too much on the cheer.

Dear Santee - i will be sending your package soon. The Reindeer was bit down. :)

Much love.


Thanks for stopping by!! I am honored you are here :)