Monday, December 3, 2012

Moving to dreams - Day 3 Blogging Marathon

Who on earth came up with the idea that people should move to other house in their lifetime. And not only move - but pack up all bag and baggage ( which btw includes 100s of boxes besides bags where i lost track of the count somewhere midway) My idea would be to live in the same house till-death-do-us-apart kind of scene. But well Human mind had another plans.

So Yes Why O Why and Who O Who?!?!!

Why cant houses come ready with every single thing in there. So any new inhabitant would have to move only with clothes and shoes and bags and makeup and......OMG (i will have to give it a new thought)

Ok coming back to the point. One should not be required to carry hundred million things while changing houses. Its been more than a month we are busy moving to our new nest and we are half way through only. So we have somehow managed to dump-aka-move the entire load to the new house (which looks more like a godown now) The second half of the movie is still left. YES the even bigger task of unpacking and arranging.

In the one week that we have been here so far- i have spent fair amount of each morning in the mammoth treasure hunt ... Haha sure - its called Socks-Hunt. And the rest of it in another hunt and if it was not afternoon by then when i would give up all this search and start new adventure in the kitchen- I would be somewhere behind those boxes or digging in some bag. ( Oh did i mention i also had to be at work each day full time)

I have no clue how the house is ever going to shape up as i had been dreaming. I am just sticking to baby steps or rather crawling ... Wait ..i guess even babies can crawl faster than the speed i am able to manage this house which i dream to call My Home Sweet Home someday!!

But am sure I will get there. Yes i will! It will be slow but i will make my dream come true. I will grow up to take bigger and faster steps :)

Day 3 of the Blogging Marathon. Check out details on Fb.


  1. Oh moving house can be darn crazy. I do kick ass packing but hare un packing. I still have few cartons of shame lying in my utility room. I moved in this house about a yr back. :( All the best

    1. Haha Pallavi...i hate packing , unpacking and moving - everything. I even hate packing for vacations.
      About boxes lying packed there --- i must tell you. We still had boxes lying packed in our old house from our move to that house 6 yrs ago. And we simply movbed those packed boxes to this new house now. I have no clue whats in there.
      Does that make you feel better? :) :) :)

  2. I have one hunt or the other going on, without any moving to do ;). This is why our ancestors had "ancestral" houses I suppose, I intend to park my butt and refuse to move as much as possible.

    All the best and Happy moving!!

    1. I completely support that one ancestral house concept. I wish we had the same. I dont plan to move anytime soon. I intend to make this one my ancestral house now - LOL


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