Sunday, July 20, 2008

Ups and Downs

I am still in recovery phase after the surgery. Infactthe cylce seems to be mving the other way round. I was feeeling quite fit anf fine for 2 days after surgery (yet was not allowed to do any house hold chores) But after 2 days, i started feeling the after effects of loosing that organ - constant indigestion, nausea, tiredness, pain, etc etc etc. Though I am eating only the simplest *satvik* food I can :) yet the stomach refuses to accept that.(Guess its the used to such simple food - it is demanding some dosage of chilli and spices) I did give it some servings of that too - once or twice. But nothing is helping. Sometimes i feel as If I am totally fine and other times i feel strange - some weird feeling in stomach is continuing.

But nevertheless, the pampering at home is going full time and I am enjoying it. As soon as I dont feel like doing something- i just have to mention in most pleasing accent and tone - oh i had a surgery just last week *wink*.

I am home for one more week now - hopefully I should be better by the end of it.


  1. Get Well soon, Yes the after effects of surgery do emerge much later, but then that is what the post operative care is all about.
    Take good care,
    missing you here

  2. So hows it going? Since you have joined back work as well hope its not affecting your recovery adversely.

    Also, tagged you. Pick it here


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