Wednesday, June 29, 2011

10 Days of ME - Day 4 - Wants

It's Day 4. It's about Seven wants.
I had done two similar posts on the lisnes opf my wishlist...Read here and here

So here is my list in no partcular order...7 wants...

I want to have a library of my own

I want to have  an exhibition of paintings

I want to have a time machine in which I can travel back in time to live those happy moments once again  and be back.

I want to own a jet plane so i can fly and visit my family whenever i wish to.

I want to have a chip fitted inside me to do the household work. So i would just need to swithoff my normal self and switch on that robotic mode to start working.

I want to have mind reading power which i believe will solve lot of problems. (Or may be not. But i choose to believe it will solve.)

I want to go on an year long holiday so I can travel around the world with my daughter.


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