Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Wishlist - Top 10 (Day 29)

Today since morning I have been thinking what to write for today's post. Many ideas came and were rejected with a "nahh - this is not nice enough"

Then read that beautiful beautiful post by Monika about memories associated with rain. (It's such a lovely post - you gotto go and read it yourself) I thought let me also do the post on same topic but then sooo much came to mind that I could not decide what to write and what not...

Then i thought of doing pictures/photographs post but could not find some nice ones from the collection.

Then i thought of writing about my baby but then this is not baby blog - there is separate one for that and i should update that instead.

SO after spending like whole day i could not decide what to write...and now i am running out of time...

The idea stuck me..and i decided to compile my wishlist...i keep thinking about doing lot of things and then do some, forget some and ignore some.

So here is my short list with top 10 things and this is valid life long :) - these are not things which i want to do this month or this year.

10 things i want to do before i die- in no particular order

  1. I want to learn playing violin
  2. I want to do bungee jumping
  3. I want to learn professional photography
  4. I want to be able to speak, write and read atleast 5 foreign languages
  5. I want to have a painting exhibition of my paintings
  6. I want to fly in a private jet
  7. I want to become 50 kilos :) :) :)
  8. I want to go on a world cruise
  9. I want to do rock climbing
  10. I want to sing on stage ( in front of huge audience)
This was top 10 and obvisouly the list is not limited to 10... its endless...I picked up things which need physical efforts and learning from my side :) There is a separate wishlist for watches, a separate one for shoes, another one for bags .... :)

You can take it as a tag and do it...What are top 10 things you want to do before you die?


  1. thanks for the kind words :)

    no i have done :D :D

    u paint? wow

    no 7- 50 kgs sigh i would do with 60 too ;-)

  2. @Monika :)
    Yes i remember your wish list and i remember your white dinner set wish so muchthateverytime i look at that in some store i think about you.

    And 50 sign is veeeeeery far away...its a wish ...dont knw if i can ever reach that - for reality check 60 would be great too.

    Painting - yes - i do only water colors and paint only flowers. To have an exhibition is like a dream - not that i paint so regular and so well. I need to do a LOT more..


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