Sunday, June 27, 2010

WE Robots - Guest Post by Saurabh (Day 27)

After a direct order (ok i should say a-slighly-strong-request) I could convince dear friend Saurabh to write guest post for me.(As if I gave him any choice to say NO) Now thats also a style for getting guest post besides the one Preeti suggested :)

Saurabh is a friend who has always been very cheering and uplifting. NO matter how you are feeling - he will never fail to make you smile for the rest of the day. He is one of the friends with whom I never feel out of touch - He will contact - no matter what. And I feel very fortunate and thankful for that. Thanks Saurabh!!

And Ladies and Gentleman - Here I present a guest post from this all-time cheerful person Saurabh...


WE Robot!

No, it’s certainly not a Will Smith movie sequel, neither an acronym, at least not intended, but now when I think of it, it can be Web Enabled Robots, by which you already must have guessed what I am writing about today, it’s about the social, personal and professional life of the folks in IT industry like me. My typical day starts with uneasiness in my mind about 100 things to be completed today, that thought goes with me while I am brushing my teeth, taking a shower, having my breakfast, driving to the office and here you go, I have the detailed plan ready in the office parking which I have to execute for the rest of the day. The WAR begins… Team Meeting, Leads Meeting, Daily Sync-ups, Project Management tasks, getting some issues resolved (finally), evening client calls, status calls, analyze where we are today and clock hits 11 PM, time to leave. This goes on and on, like someone has programmed us to do this daily without fail. It’s not that we don’t have a social life, now you will ask when you actually get the time to socialize. Technology has very easily accommodated that within the stipulated time through social networking sites like Facebook. Yeah and that’s where we socialize, via liking a picture, comment on posts, share a thought, all Web Enabled. Most of us will agree that sitting in office and not meeting people is Social outcast than anything else and yes my friends, we live in a world where “Social outcast is a form of Social Networking”. I will continue this in my coming posts (guest or otherwise) :)


  1. A Scary robotic life! :P :)


  2. @Preeti : Oh yes - very scary... i am happy as a human..dont want to become a robot :)


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