Monday, June 14, 2010

come stai? Sono felice. (Day 14)

Did you get that?

How are you? I am very happy.
And it's in italian.

Yes, perhaps you guessed it right. I am learning italian. Learning to speak basic level of italian. And i am enjoying it so much. So many sounds are familiar to hindi. The accent is easy for a hindi speaker. So far the most difficult things have been to learn numbers and days of week. Week days sound similar to names of planets.

There are not too many rules and exceptions unlike dutch which is a language of exceptions. Dutch is full of rules and there are more exceptions than actual rules :)

Afteri learn basic italian, i want to learn french- he preparation for which has already begun. I have always wanted to know different languages and am happy i am finally doing it. Hope I am able to keep up.

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