Thursday, June 17, 2010

Be careful (day 17)

A sunny day
a windy day
a lovely day
which turns into
a dreadfulday!

I was in tram going for a expat women evening when i herad a bang and the tram stopped. The tram had hit boy who was playing next to the track and came in front of the tram atvthat very dreadful movement just to catch that ball. He got hit and landed few meters ahead on the sude of track. He was lying there conscious but unable to move. Within 5 minutes police was there and in less than 10 minutes ambulances were there. Questions had been asked and witnesses were narrating what they had seen.

It was such tense atmosphere.

How a split second's mistake almost costed that kid his life. It made me think- however small an action may seem , do not ignore it and do not underestimate how much a second can change.

Be careful ALWAYS. For your own good and for all those around you.

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