Monday, June 7, 2010

Being Mom (Day 7)

This is from last month but I had to post it. Such a lovely day it was. Every mom gets a certain special joy this day esp if kids are around.

Yes, i am talking about Mother's Day!

This year's mother's day was made special by my dear husband.

Early morning when i went downstairs - a beautiful yummy cake on the table, breakfast ready, along with steaming mug of coffee. Prishs sitting nicely and in most disciplined way on he high chair holding a gift.

She sweetly said - "Fijne Moederdag!" (Happy Mother's Day!) Along came a gift wrapped in lovely pink paper - Voor Mamma, van Prisha (For mumma from Prisha) I opened it and :) A lovely medal with a beautiful poem on one side and Big Number 1 on other side. She could not control her joy and seeing that mine grew many folds too :)
We had the lovely breakfast, received some more gifts from her daddy. Daddy dear had got gifts for both of us.

It all felt so nice. I could not thank them enough and felt so proud to be a mom. The feeling of being a mother and the joy cannot be expressed. I missed my mom and wished i could share the moments with her.

I Love you Mom! I Love you my dear daughter!

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