Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Happy Birthday! (Day 15)


Today is my dad's birthday and i cannot explain how I am missing everyone.

It's not just about birthday - it's about missing every single special occassion. Its about not being able to be part of the celebrations in person, its about missing out on that fun of selecting a gift, its about having some delicious food together to mark the special day, its about waiting for the moment to wish and see that happiness, its about participating in all the fun and frolic, it's about sharing sweets, it's about laghing together over silly jokes, it's about asking mom for some special dish for the special day. It's about so many such things. All these together make that day a very special and memorable one.

I miss everything thats not part of being away from home in a foreign land. Home is where heart is and at the moment my heart is somewhere back in India.


  1. Thanks Monika.
    Infact my parents are in bangalore these days ... :)
    Seems like your birthday wish would have reached him quicker than mine.

  2. We all miss u too sis...not just on such occasions but almost every day..Luv u sisy..


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