Saturday, June 5, 2010

Beautiful day (Day 5)

Sun shows up, brightly shines and every face shines even brighter. People smile, laugh, talk, play and enjoy. In Netherlands all this fun is dependent on sun so much that i could never imagine so while being in India.

Today was one such awesome day. Yes - bright sun, long drive, a friends' get-together, loads of delicious food and drinks including chilled jaljeera, a game of basketball, cricket round, kids playing happily, water guns in full swing, bicyle rides, some good news' shared - That's as perfect as it can get. It was truly a wonderful day. All possible because of beautifully shining sun.


  1. THanks Monika! Ya they are awesome...and this pic was taken in the largest tulip garden in the world - Keukenhof. Its just too good. You must plan a trip to NL :)


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