Wednesday, June 23, 2010

New and cheerful (Day 23)

It's been quite sometime that I had that template for my blog. Now that i have been blogging for last one month i felt like changing it to bring some cheer and life to the blog.

I always end up using shades of pink ( no prize for guessing pink is my favorite)

What with kid being ill, no blogging for very long, too much self-pondering - this blog definately needed some change.

Hope you like it ( If and when you visit my blog)

And to add to this cheer, i showcase here some pictures from the beautiful tulip garden from Netherlands.

How much flowers can cheer someone is evident by the smile which gets pasted on our lips when we see them. All the colors make our life so much more lively. Ever since I have moved to Nethetlands, i have not missed a single year to go and visit this beautiful garden. I look forward to the month of march every year when this park (Keukenhof) opens for 3 months.

When i came to NL, the greenery and the rows and rows of colorful flowers were first things that I noticed and they still do not fail to cheer me up everytime i think about them - even in those dark, gray winters.

Wish life remains full of colors and joy !!

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