Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Circle of friendships (Day 1)

Today I just felt like remembering some of my cherished friends with whom I have almost lost contact or have a rare contact now. I somehow have a quick bonding with peeople with names starting with "R". In all phases of my life till now - school, college, job - I have found one close to heart friend and each one of them has her name starting with "R". Another common thing in my friends is their zodiac sign - I have an almost immediate friendship with people with sign - Saggitarius. Again most of my friends fall in this category. Then their is one month - September - in which fall birthdays of maximum friends of mine including my best friend and my sister. And the last category is of people having their names starting with "S" - this is another major common factor.

Ofcourse I have friends with names starting with other letters too. And I have a different level of bonding with each one. Just that how that bond slowly vanishes in the hustle and bustle of our daily life - we dont even realise.

When we were in school how we got diaries made with each one's likes dislikes and other interests.We shared stuff, we shared stories, we did our first girly talk - blushing at every word coming out of our mouth. We tried to decorate those diaries so well so as to treasure the friendship and secrets till eternity. Then we moved on to college. And before we knew we had left behind half of that treasure. That treasure took back seat in life and we found new bondings. We shared future plans, we shared love life secrets, we shared emotions, we shared fears. We guarded each others' secrets. Especially being in hostel changed the total outlook and personality.

Came next phase - college over, we moved on and stepped in corporate world. Some went for further studies. Others moved on to cities and countries where they found jobs of their interest (atleast it seemed so)
New aquaintances, new colleagues and new friends. Different level of sharing... outings, get-aways - the fun was there though different from earlier times.

Some changed jobs, some remained. Friendships continued for a while. Letters were already bit old style by that time. So emails and phones became the medium of being in touch. And not everyone was so internet-savvy. So freindships again vanished somewhere because of distances and unavailability of mediums. Some still kept trying to keep the contact going no matter what. No hinderance mattered to them. Am thankful to them from the core of my heart. They keep me going!!

Today i sit back and remember all those long-lost friends. I still wish i can get back in touch somehow. (Though i have found many on social networking sites available these days yet few close to heart ones are still missing) I miss some of them a lot.

There have been different reasons everytime for friends to move apart - distances, work schedules, marriages( yes, that affects friendships too as that new relation demands lot of attention and time and by the time you realise its too late) - there can be many reasons.

I dedicate this post to all my dear friends and if they ever read this - i want them to know- i miss you all and i still cherish each and every moment spent together and each and every work spoken to each other in that unsaid blind trust.


  1. Hey!
    Good luck for the blog marathon! :)

    I am saggi and my name is pReeti :D heheh.

    Saggis are of course the best :)

    btw what is your zodiac?
    nice post


  2. @Preeti - Thanks PS. And yes - You already qualify by being saggi :)
    About me - I am a cusp of capricorn and aquarius.

  3. Good luck for the Blogathon :) Me also taking it up.

  4. @partywithneha - Thanks Neha. Same to you. Welcome and thanks for leaving the msg. :)


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