Friday, June 4, 2010

Tiny 'MIRACULOUS' gestures (Day 4)

How tiny gestures make our day.How small actions make kids so happy.

My 2.5 yrs old daughter comes running to me saying "mumma - hurts" After asking where, i just give her a kiss at the spot pointed by her and she feels perfectly fine. (In today's case it was on her cheek only :)) Many a times a kiss has worked wonders in some serious situations also. Like when she fell down once and had a bad bruise on her arm - i gave her couple of kisses there and she felt alright - running around again with same zeal and enthusiasm.

Similar way, when i reach back home after work i am welcomed with a shy smile and a tight hug. All my tiredness and day's frustrations vanish in a split second. What amazing wonders such small actions can make - i get amazed every single day!

It's so sad that such tiny gestures become such an obligation as we grow. Saying a hello and passing a smile also become big things as grown ups.

One thing which plesantly surprised me here in Netherlands was people greeting every passer-by. It feels so good when someone passes by you and just says a hello with a broad smile.You feel certain unsaid connection. Streets no longer feel alien.

But in last 5 years(that's how long i have been here) i have seen a drastic change in this aspect of social behavior. People no longer greet as openly as earlier esp in slightly bigger cities. And ofcourse the blame goes to foreigners.

Nevertheless, there are many other small acts of kindness that melt your heart. A bunch of flowers to thank your neighbour for some small help, a cake to share with the colleagues just because its sunny outside, inviting someone over for coffee just like that(when i say coffee it means coffee only - no cakes n cookies or other snacks involved - yes thats how it can be here), a congratulations card in a neighbours letterbox for new born baby or for passing an exam or for getting a driving license - there can be any or no reason. But any action like surely makes your day and gives you reaons to smile for days to come.

Go,show some nice tiny gesture and make someone's day !!

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  1. So true! Its these little things in which lies the nirvana of life which none of us realize when there is time! For instance, this post made me smile, i cherish it for the rest of the day!

  2. what a lovely post I so agree with what u are saying

    wish as adults too we could understand and treasure these moments

  3. Thanks Saurabh and Monika!
    Yes only if we adults could become as thankful and understand the importance of each word or act of kindness.


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