Sunday, June 20, 2010

Today (Day 20)

Today I have to do with this hastily written post. Though i feel like writing a lot. Perhaps I will write more some other day.

My little daughter is sick and down with chicken pox and we have not even taken a nap since day before. Whole night she has cried in pain. Its heart-breaking to see her like that.

A father's day of a different kind. She is not letting us go a single second and is continuously sticking on me and just wants to be in my lap. It's tough, very tough. Such a helpless situation to see your kids like that.

And going through all this made me realize what all my parents must have gone through for me. 

So on this special day, I thank you my dad for being there always and most of all for being my dad.


  1. oops how is she feeling now? hope she recovers fast... hugs to both u and her

  2. Thanks Monika. She is stillnot too well. Will take atleast a week.

  3. I'll pass on ur message to dad..


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