Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I did it !! :) (Day 30)

:) :) :)
YOOHOOO....finished the June NaBloPoMo.
I am so happy with this accomplishment. It's not just about writing because so many times it was not a quality post(atleast i think so). i am amazed - How i would take time out to post every single day, How the thought of it remained in my mind all day, How I could keep up with the promise ! I am very glad and satisfied with this. (Not that i had many readers but still ok :) ) (Patting my back non-stop)

Let's celebrate my first ever month of posting regularly with this cake :)

And some flowers for the summer cheer...

This month made me better in so many thing

I regained my confidence that if I really commit I will be able to keep up to it.

I learned that if you really want to do something you will always find time for it no matter what.

I realised that spending that hr or half an hour every evening or so gives lot of time to think about things close to heart. You do not need a proper fixed time for that.

I felt that connection with the world which is actually physically miles and miles apart.

I liked the idea of sharing small-tiny achievements of life with the unknown world.

And Yes - my blog followership doubled :) it became 8 from 4 :) :)

Thanks a lot to everyone who took out the time to visit this blog, read and leave a comment too. :) I appreciate it a lot.

I will take 2 weeks break from now and come back with some nice posts after our vacation.

ciao ciao !!

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