Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Letters (Day 2)

How letters used to  be such an amazing form of communication – I would say they were the BEST.

Both Writing a letter, receiving a letter gave equal pleasure. I  have always been very fond of writing so I used to write small letters to my friends. (But they were hardly posted as I hand delivered most of them. They were mostly for my freinds and I would see my friends everyday in school or in playgroud) I used to love the idea of writing and giving letter to my friend. It gave me different level of  bonding with my friends.  Even when school got over, I kept writing letters to few friends (and yes – this time posting them) Every single day I would hope for receiving one in my own mail box. I even used to write letters  to my aunts and cousins. For the same reason I was fond of sending cards too – most of them hand-made.
Even after I went to college in a different city and stayed in hostel – I regularly wrote letters home and to friends. Slowly the number of letters being written became lesser and lesser. The only letters I was receiving were from my parents and brother-sister And very rarely a letter from a childhood friend. I would read that one letter again and again. I would start replying to that the same day – hoping to get a quick reply back. Slowly I started giving up too…writing became lesser. No more card making. Just few ready made cards to close ones.

Letters and cards gave such a  special feeling. Every word felt personal. It meant that you were the only one in thoughts when those words were being written.  Right from finding a beautiful writing paper  and a  nice pen to some beautifully decorated envelope till it got dropped in the letter box. It was whole process in itself. All the straight-from-heart- feelings and thoughts scribbled on a sheet of paper and sealed in an envelope on their way to another heart.

A thought of the moment
Which lasted a moment

The moment passed
Got captured in words

Which last forever

Ages later
Words deciphered
The thoughts relived
By another life
Another soul

In those words you see
a story
and you live a life !

I wish there was some marathon for writing one letter everyday to someone.

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