Saturday, June 26, 2010

Missing it all ( Day 26)

One full week of being with my kid who' s down with chicken pox. I don't remember when was the last time i stayed indoors for over a week - not stepping out even once ( ok the back garden of the house does not count as outdoors - right?)

I felt fine so far. But now i think its catching up. I have started to feel different being inside for days on.

There are many things I have started to miss...

  • I have started to miss that coffee i take every morning at train station after I have finished 1/3 of my commute ( My commute time to work is 1 hr 45 min one way :) )
  • I have started to miss reading books in the train ( And that is the only time i get to read something)
  • I have started to miss reading "metro" newspaper in metro ( only way i practice dutch and get to know whats happening in the country)
  • I have started to miss seeing those passengers either bidding byes or meeting their loved ones after vacations and those tourists taking pictures at the airport. ( I change my train at station at the airport)
  • I have started to miss exchanging smiles with those commuters i have been seeing for around 3 years now.
  • I have started to miss that 10 min walk from the bus station to the office and the window shopping I did during that walk while walking through the shopping mall. ( ok ok...i accept i am missing window shopping more :) )
I never realised I would miss so much when I have actually been complaining about all this long commute and wishing I could get some respite from all this.

Now I am looking forward to going back to work  - so many thing - on coming monday.


  1. hah! would have thought the other way round, that through Prisha you get the respite from work. But, i can fully understand. :-)
    Have read some of your posts from the blog marathon. Keep writing!

  2. it should have read 'got' and not 'get'

  3. if one day u didnt go to work,u will definetly not miss the 'work'. but u r sure to miss the journey to ur work place. :)

  4. @PG : Welcome back. So good to see you back in blog world after so long.
    And about respite from work - it was no respite at all..infact it became all the more stressful as I was supposed to finish few things and could not do so on time.

    @Soorya : So right :) you said it and i agreee!!


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