Friday, June 18, 2010

Career confusion (Day 18)

What is the way to find out what one actually wants to do in life. Aren't there so many factors behind that liking. I am unable to understand how some people know exactly what tgey want to do inlife. May be i am lacking in some really important quality. Can it be called strong decision making so as to decide on one, give it your best and stick to it. Or is it open- mindedness OR straight forward nature OR extrovert OR anything of that sort. I dont know what it is.

I am working for a decade now and still i feel confused about what i actually want to do in my life. Of course such thoughts come and go in phases. But then if they keep coming back, i keep thinking about it. Sometimes my brain works overtime and i get loads of ideas about what i want to do and each one sounds more exciting than the other.

Sometimes the artist in me wakes up and i want to take up designing as profession. Then i want to become a photographer. Other times i feel like becoming a full time house wife. Again there are times when i want to design and stitch clothes. I also have a strong urge sometimes to do interior house arrangements. (is there anyone more confused than me?)

all this confusion brings me back to continue being a software professional. Perhaps the safest of all considering that's what am doing for a decade.

It's so unfair to live a proffesionally confusing mind :) (is there anything like that?)

perhaps its once again just a phaae and will be over soon.

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