Thursday, June 24, 2010

The rest of our life... (Day 24)

Life is all about ups and downs-sometimes it makes u feel the happiest and the greatest in the world and next moment u feel like the most unfortunate one on earth.

It's all about balance And there is the need for a proper balance in everything in life..Just everything...

I always wondered why am i the one always picked up for all the bad happenings in life until I started paying more attention to the good-happy moments too.And i realised that at those rejoicing moments i actually get the maximum possible happiness...It might not last like that forever but the traces stay on. Learn to count those moments rather than the ones which cause pain and break u into pieces...

Faith is the strongest power. Keep the faith and u would win over every situation.

It is not about having lots of friends or a lover or a partner to be there by your side throughout that roller coaster ride that u are on...It's about holding tight to that seat and not letting yourself fall off. You need that inner strength- strength to keep holding on to your beliefs and faith and to the hope that u would soon come out of it safely and smiling.

It's on us to decide what kind of life we want to have - an average one where people will have to spend sometime to remember who we were or the one that would bring smiles on faces at our mere mention. And this all is possile with how much smiles we spread in our life. How much smiles we spread around depends on how much we believe in ourself and rejoice in every single moment.

There are reasons to smile all around us....a child's smile, a beautiful sun or a cloud with a silver line, some giggle, colorful flowers, raindrops, those busy streets with people laughing, shops full of things we love, that sale somewhere on our favorite store, that new favorite food restaurant just around the corner, a phone call from home, an email from friend, favorite player scoring a goal in soccer, weekend after every few days :), those flights to book for vacation, that countdown to visiting home.

Look around and you will have many reasons to smile and be happy !!

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