Sunday, May 8, 2011

Top 20-something wishlist - Post 5

I want to smile a lot
I want to laugh out loud
I want to sing
I want to dance
I want to read a lot
I want to work day & night
I want to shout at the top of my voice
I want to scream like hell
I want to kill someone* ;-)
I want to be alone for atleast a month
I want to go out shopping all day
I want to eat a lot
I want to host a huge party
I want to love someone a lot
I want to be loved a lot
I want to become someone's life
I want to earn a lot
I want to perform on stage
I want to feel proud of myself
I want to be with my daughter all the time
I want to learn photography
I want to dance in the rain
I want to have a paintings' exhibition
I want to live very near to work place
I want to speak to my mom - right NOW!

current mood:  hopeful

Come on tell me whats yours ... :)


  1. I want to kill someone* ;-) ??????
    who will be that lucky guy?

  2. Jidhu: hehehe... Yes the plan is there but the lucky one is yet to be found :)

  3. oh....kill ur enemy dont ur husband

  4. Jidhu: i dont think he is that lucky :) let this luck be for enemies only

  5. then it will be nice. then choose ur weapon.

  6. want to kill someone? Can't say I blame you! ;)

  7. I want to work day and night - really !
    Living clsoe to my work place is on my wish list too !

  8. he he he u want to kill let me run away ;-)

    u will get my answer soon

  9. @Margarita : Hehe....Thanks..atleast my idea was not declared insane :)

    @Ruchira : i want to work day and night so much so that i feel if I sleep the day will be over and wasted.

    @Monika : hehe...dont worry.. you are a sweety - cant be you :)
    Waiting to read yours now!!

  10. And if any of you is interested - i had complied my Top 10 List last year..Here it is :

  11. Err I hope I am nt on ur hitlist :P
    Nice post this one .. I might steal it for one of these days too :)


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