Tuesday, May 24, 2011

One such day - Post 20

I don't think  i have anything worth writing today besides telling how my last 30 hours have been.

Yesterday aftrenoon around 1 PM i was told about an urgent very high priority business issue.

I immediately got onto it...tried to find the root cause... And when i say I got onto it..take it in its complete sense. Continuously trying to find the reason - From 1 in the afternoon till 2 in the night. Still no luck :(
I was cross eyed by then and could hardly see anything clearly (imagine looking at numbers whole day - trying to pick up that one wrong number somwhere)
So called it a day (or night) at 2 ..but could not sleep till 3. Woke up at 6 and back to business again. With no luck...came to office. Together with another colleague the search began once again.
With luck or God's grace or hard work or whatever you call it - we found the cause and fixed the problem by 3 PM today.

What joy and what relief!! I finally started breathing again...

And shall i tell you the cause :)

It was one asterix (*) in front of one of the numbers - a star at a place where it can only go wrong :)

Khoda pahaad nikli chuhiya ( Anyone knows an english proverb for this)....Well the impact was HUGE.

I am dozing off as I am writing this... Zzzzzzz...............

Oh wait i better go home now.


  1. LOL mistakes like these happen too often right :P

  2. LOL Cn so relate to this ;)
    Take rest girl :)

  3. @Monika and Swaram : Ya isn't it annoying a minor mistake like that costs us over 30 hours of non-stop working.
    But girls - I have had my share of rest after that - so no complaints :)


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