Thursday, May 5, 2011

Decisions - an unfinished tale - Post 2

Decisions were taken
Paths were chosen
Fog was thick
Yet i decided to stick

Movement was slow
Steps were small
It took a while
For that kid to grow

It rained all the time
And storms hit too
I still laughed and smiled
hanging there as wind chime

Events became past
Memories faded
Friends were lost
It all happened so fast

Many years later
Thoughts are revived
emotions let loose
So I could fill up that crater

Life only goes forward
No U-turns allowed
But take that moment 
to sit and look backword

its a roller-coaster
highs of happiness
lows of sadness
hold on...
breathe calm...
remember the decision
remember the dream

I just cannot get any more words to write after this.......i so want to add to it...feels like a block
This is an unfinished tale 

Can someone help me take it further???

Please leave your words in comments and I will add them here tomorrow


  1. Loved it. The lines you wrote are the story of everyman/woman. :)

  2. @Margarita : Thanks! Ya.. a story that goes on. We just dive in and keep paddling without taking the moment to breathe.

  3. loved it as mystic said story of every woman


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