Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My day - Post 28

Do you have days when everything seems bad?
Life seems like a pain.
Everything seems to turn back towards you.
Suddenly it feels you have all the problems of the world in your life.
Nothing works.
You feel like crying but cannot.
You feel like screaming but your throat does not support you to do that.
You feel like hitting anyone who messes with you or may be even if does not mess with you.
You feel like banging your head against the wall.
Head is full of so many worries - if let loose they will cover the whole earth.
Heart races like a ferari.
Every word sounds crap.
Any advice sounds blabber.

Tell me do you have such days??

I do but I am Grateful today is NOT one such day. :)
And suddenly I feel lucky and happy!!

Side Note: Last weekend I watched that movie - Dilli Chalo. A dialogue in it by Vinay Pathak hit me hard. (PS: the words might be slightly different but this was the meaning)

"Agar dukhon ka mazak udaao aur unpe haso to woh bhaag jati hein"

(If you laugh at worries and make fun of them they run away)


Thanks for stopping by!! I am honored you are here :)