Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Clothes? - Post 13

I am sure everyone gets a kick as soon they hear about clothes (well - thats not limited to that only)

Ok so my point was - I do get all excited about the topic as soon as I hear it but only till the point its about buying :)

I hate anything to do with clothes other than buying. I hate washing, hanging theM to dry, wrapping up, ironing, sorting them and arranging them in cupboards. I just cannot do that.

This is one thing which irritates me the most. And this is one thing that I am most embarrased about when i have guests over. Thank God for that attic area where i can dump everything. Its like a laundry house...clothes everywhere. And When I have friends over esp those who are first time visitors and all enthu about wanting to have a walk through of the house, I make sure I do not make any hint to another floor. I just escort them back to groud floor after they have had the first floor round and praised my house maintenance skills. (All for their own beneifit - I do not want them to get a shock and also I do not want to refrain myself from little boost in between all the guilt I live with everyday)

Ok Am spilling all the beans today.....

My cupboards are dumping box. You cannot find anything there - Just cannot!

My attic is like maze. You really need a navigation system to  walk there and search something  (I so wish every piece of cloth had a chip in it so I could trace it with GPRS - so much for the technology we are used to)

I never can find my socks after they go for washing. I keep buying new ones (Oops....now thats serious - Imagine teh day i will find out all - i will need a cupboard just for socks ;)  ok slight exaggeration but nearly true)

There are times when my cupboard has only clothes which i do not wear and all the ones whic i wear are piled up for ironing.

Many a times i suddenly find something in that pile which i had totally forgotten about. i get pleasantly suprised to find it ( Imagine how long it lies there that I totally forgotthat I have somethign like that)

So many times including one today I remember certain tops only when I look at old pictures. And the search begins!

I wish someone would come up with use-and-throw clothes. Wear them once or perhaps twice and throw away.  (Oh even the thought is sooo sooo relieving)

I know I know most of you will be saying - How can anyone be that unorganized!!
Believe me i won't say NO to any help offered to change it.

Ok there is one aspect of clothes other than buying that I like. I like stitching. :)
Two is enough - Right?

PS: There is a silk stole I am searching in my house for 2 years now .... all efforts in vain. I know I have it. I have never used it. I know i  have not given it to anyone. If anyone has a clue - please help!!


  1. Oh wow! U stitch? Aweeesome :)
    I luvvv de-cluterring as much as I luv my shopping :) But I can't stitch :(

  2. I have the same question as Swaram :) You stitch! Wow!

    As for me, I love buying, and I love ironing :) Washing gets done because I have no option :) My attic at the moment looks the same. All my unironed clothes are there and I dread the day someone wants a tour :)

  3. i love shopping for clothes and then i love wearing them..
    i am very particular about my clothes. And since i love them so much i tend to take care of them as well. in my case i have outsourced most of the taking care part.

    And god bless those attics for saving the day when guests arrive unexpectedly!!

    And u stitch? i am impressed. First and last stitching i did was in school in SUPW classes!!

  4. My attic is a maze, too. Hope you find the silk stole soon -- it might just be hiding somewhere. :)

    Was away -- will read up older posts when I get some time.

  5. I was nodding my head in agreement with all that you said untim I reached the bit on stitching! You stitch?? Wow!
    I love to buy clothes but washing, putting them out for drying, folding...I HATE THEM ALL!! Oh yes, thank god for the attic-cum-dumping area :0

  6. oh nodding my head on everything apart from the fact that I can stich

  7. @Girls - You all made my day by telling me I am not the only one. Believe me it was a HUGE relief. :)

    And now about stitching - okkk...here is the clarity
    I can stich - Yes
    I can stich everything - No
    I like stiching - Yes
    I do it all the time - No

    And because stitching is something i just like and it is not a need - I do it when i feel like. I make skirts for my little girl and other tiny things like this.
    So until it becomes a need I like it. Dont know after that *wink*wink*

  8. @thewhiterain : You have outsourced all the care taking part???? NOw thats the fun part of it :) :) I wont mind it too if I find a source.

  9. You spilled beans alright and it was fun to read. :)


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