Monday, May 9, 2011

Sweet nothings of life - Post 6

Heavenly Is One word I can say for this.
I am totally in love.
The softness
The warmth
Hot inside, cold outside
With a crispy skin in between
One touch and your heart melts with this.

Yes Its HOT-BLONDIE I am talking about. Before you start taking that literally let me clarify - It's a new dessert at Burger King. That cake with warm and melting  white chocolate inside and ice-cream on top

It’s totally worth the sin.

I tried it once before and have been looking for second chance ever since.
And as a Mother’s day special treat I sweetly demanded this.

I devoured in it with multiplied happiness as none of my other two partners had any wish to have it. (They didn’t have a clue what they were saying NO to)

BTW, 2 weeks ago I had decided that the day I will lose 4 kg – I will go and have that. But I broke it in between J I went half way. It was mother’s day – I deserved some treat – right?

While we are all in mother’s day mode – Let me tell you this too.
My little girl painted a small pot with her hands, planted some seeds in it. Nurtured it and gifted it to me yesterday with tiny saplings there. The instructions were strict – Do not keep it in direct sun, do not touch the plants, do not put too much water.

Yesterday was full of  happy actions and suprises.
I loved it sooo much!!


  1. i am so going to burger king tomorrow! you have my mouth watering!
    Of course a girl deserves her treat!!

    happy mum's day to u. the pot sounds lovely

  2. Drool! I so want this now! I had no idea Burger King had things like this :) On second thoughts, I think I have exceeded my sugar quota for the year :), I better stay away.

    Happy Mother's day!

  3. That is so droolworthy! Totally worth suspending the resolution. :)
    Your Mother's Day gift is so beautiful - post pictures of the pot, too. :)

  4. I'm so drooling at that hot blondie!

    And that is such a precious gift from your little girl :). God bless her :)

  5. @Iya : Thanks for supporting.. :) GO try out...and let me know how u felt!

    @Smitha : Hehe..Yes yes..i was also surprised to see this at Burger King. Soo loved it!

  6. @Margarita : Thanks. I have already made next resolution with half the target (so ica n break that midway too ;) ;) )

    @Deeps: Thanks. Looking at pic here I feel like having it again now.
    Will add the pot pic here soon.

  7. Awww so sweet of her :)
    And that one is totally droolworthy :)

  8. sigh drool I make this with chocolate I mean the dark variety but the vanilla one looks so yum let me try it

  9. @Monika ; Yes Monika they have a chocolate brownie version too. But i like white chocolate more so tried this one. Brownie one is equally drool-worthy :)


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