Saturday, May 7, 2011

Chef's pride - Post 4

What a saturday-i must say!! Ok very beautiful outside. Lovely sunny weather.. And I in all excitement put on my chef cap and apron to churn out some equally lovely mouth-watering dishes (atleast thats what the idea was)

I begin...ok before i miss out imp detail.. The plan was to BAKE some goodies!

Ok so the adventure began. Internet search..hopping on my fav food blogs.

Shortlisted.. Needed some savoury ones only.

Baked first one with super enthusiasm. Looked lovely. First bite... Duhhhh...shocker yet i maintained my smile and waited for hubby's reaction. No words from there. I go guessing mode. Did he like it? Reallyyy? How can he? Is it anywhere near liking. Nah! He is just pretending. I ignore and dont request an opinion.

I start dish no 2. Enthu is still intact. I got on to second "first trial" dish or rather snack which it actually was supposed to be. (notice 'was')
Ok so all mixed up well..added my super brain ideas to it and plop-it goes in oven. Very high hopes and confidence saw it rising breath-takingly :) So the recipe said 20min. I checked it twice in 20 min :) (so much cOnfidence that i thought it might bake in half the time-shouldn't super enthu do that... Lessen the baking time)
It seemed to work opposite(note 'work' - oh ya sure) I gave up afer 30 min. Took them out and checked again, still not done...WHAT????? I checked my patience level. Veryyyy low. And the dish goes in microwave for rest of the cooking. 2 min and seemed like they were done. With pride i invite hubby over to eat. In my heart i felt like a MasterChef having managed a super looking dish inspite of those not-to-be-told moments in between. I was in so much hurry to eat them all myself but good wife and chef that I am - i waited for him to take a bite first. Hmmmmmm.... Again no reaction, no words of praise. Perhaps o e is short of words when things are tooooooo good ;)( did you miss out those extra "o" in too?) ok so let me take the bite and indulge in the goodness of life-food. Bahhh.. What.. This can't be right! I ask for some ketchup. Nah not enough. I ask for some hotter sauce with lits of chilli. Hmm little better now. (oh did i tell u hubby had already walked away after one bite, he seemed to be on search mission.. Something edible) The so called yummy lookibg dish had too much salt and was still under-cooked!

I think i forgot to mention third dish was already in oven while i was doing the quich microwave part. Ok so i had very very high hopes from this one. It can't go wrong thrice. Right? Come on say it...ok i heard it. Thanks!!

Well this one was bit time taking one. An hour kinda. I kept an eye. In between i started cleaning up the chef's adda since morning. It looked as if i cooked for 50 people. I did remember to check in between. Afterall am a master chef.. Multi tasking is my trait ;)

Almost an hour later, it was done. I take out (doubled up pride) Again patience is not my virtue. I pick up the nicest of knives only to start slicing out my pride to crumbs. The crust had got super hard. It had stuck to bottom. Ok inside was ok-ish. Never mind.. Inside is what matters .. Dil accha to sab accha (ignore that)

Did you just ask about hubby's reaction on this? Haha.. Am i crazy? Am a chef.. A master chef, i know what to offer and what not ;) so i silently kept this dish covered on one side and got into making our tried and tested.. Dal and baingan ka bartha( lentils and aubergine something)

So we DID finally enjoy the food what if it was not as per the first plan ;) :)


  1. haa haa ;-) I did same today...tried new dish and server only those which turned out well ;-)
    Isnt saturday always for cooking and experimenting :-)

  2. Oh well that's how we master chefs all learn right - by trial and error :P

  3. @Rashmi : Yess..weekends are for experimenting., I do it all the time.

    @SMM : YES YES- Thanks for supporting. We are Master Chefs :) :)YAYYY!!!


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