Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Recapturing smiles : Post 29

Earlier this month I complete 6 years of my stay here in Netherlands. Lot happened during this time.
Today i am listing 10 things from last 6 years that give me smiles.

  1. First and foremost - I became a mom - 3.5 yrs back.
  2. I experienced all kinds of weathers - Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter (And sometimes 2-3 of these on a single day :) )
  3. I walked in knee deep snow and not just for fun for but for reaching work and then back home.
  4. For the first time in life I did skiing
  5. I learned to make things i would crave for and miss here.(food I mean)
  6. I hosted parties for over 40 people and did every bit fo cooking myself including welcome drinks :)
  7. I flew to another country to meet a friend (About a dacade back We used to fantasize about meeting each other at airport in some foreign land  and would never ever imagine one day we will do so too - there is along story behind this)
  8. I learnt a new language - Dutch - good enough to talk to an old lady for half an hour in a train
  9. Met people from all over the world and learnt there is so much cultural similarity in each one.
  10. Went to Venice - which was one of my dream places to go.

OK - there are many more coming to mind now, but I will leave it to 10 :)


  1. Oh Venice is one of my dream destinations too :)
    Wow! That much Dutch is cool :)

    And I wud luv to experience all those seasons in a day too. What fun!

  2. Wow!! You cooked for 40 people on your own?

    And kudos on picking up Dutch, it sounds like quite a difficult language to pick up


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