Monday, May 16, 2011

Hope - Post 12

Doesn't it strengthen that feeling that there is still hope...
Hope that keeps us all going
Hope that there is light beyond what all we can see
Hope that life has a brighter side to it
Hope that there is life behind these dark couds
Hope that this darkness will end soon

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  1. @Swaram: Thanks. This was saturday evening sky... Just loved it. Kept lookimg n taking pictures for an hour :)

  2. hope a powerful too and what a lovely sky

  3. Absolutely! Hope is what keeps life going, isnt it?

    Beautiful lines, there, Bharti :)

  4. @Monika : Thanks Monika. Ya Hope is what we all need all the time.

  5. @Deeps : Thanks Deeps. True..hope keeps life going. Hope is what gives us strength to take next steps towards our dreams.


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