Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Reminiscences of past gaiety - Post 8

Clearly and purely inspired by Monika's post today - I started writing this.

10 things I want back from my life

Walking to school
and evening play time with friends

Summer vacations
and visits to badi-mummy's (grandmom) home

Sunday evenings
and movie time with family

Outings with friends
and Coffee dates at Barista

Shopping with mom and sis
and gol-gappe n chat on the way back

Thinking about all this has taken me years back... I am missing so many things now.

And I also have this on my mind now...


  1. Oh I want sooo many of these too! Made me all nostalgic nw :)

  2. aww, all these and more..let me do a post on it!

  3. I know! Nostalgia is contagious, no? Now, I'm missing those good old days. Evocative post.

  4. @Iya : Ya the list goes on and on...
    Ya do it and let me go back to good old days...

  5. @Margarita : Ya you are right, nostalgia is contagious! I am missing sooo mnay things since I write this.

  6. @Short Poems : Thanks and Welcome to my blog!!

  7. awwww I want all of that and more sigh

  8. @Monika : Ya Monika - i am dreaming about so many things since i wrote this. So many memory flash backs.

  9. those were the best days of my life

  10. @Swaram, Iya, Margarita, Monika : Yes...i have been missing so many thinsg after i wrote this. I dreamt of all that that night.

  11. @Short Poems: Thanks. And welcome to my blog.


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