Saturday, May 14, 2011

Another day - Post 10

Another day I was looking forward to is gone

Anothey day I was waiting for is over

Another day I planned to cook a lot is done

Another day I thought I would relax is passed

Another day I thought I would sit back and watch TV is getting over

Another day I wanted to go out and watch a movie slipped by

Another day I planned to do window shopping is closed down

Another day of my life is drifting away...

As i sit here, ready to bid good bye to this day
The day that is already history
The day that will never come back
I slowly close my eyes
And drift away in another world
The world of dreams

Perhaps to relive this day...


  1. Heres to another day full of things you look forward to doing and get around to doing :)

  2. And another day will come and will give u a chance to do everything u wish for :)

    ps: have moved to wordpress. See u there -

  3. Lovely poem..
    Here is to day full of happiness and excitement for you :-)

  4. lovely dear and as deeps says here is to another day and another week of happiness and getting done what u wanted to

  5. @Deeps : Thanks. I am waiting for that day...

  6. @The White Rain : Thanks Iya. And yes I already hopped on to your new adda. I will be joining u there soon :)

  7. @Rashmi : Thanks ..some happiness is much needed this side.

  8. @Monika : Thanks. Amen to that!!


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