Friday, May 6, 2011

Remembering Beginnings - Post 3

Warning : My posts these days are full of introspection. Too much thinking, pondering and analysis mode going on. Please bear with me.

Also, I am not sure if you all can read that. I tried to translate but it didn't have the same effect as in hindi. So i let it be like that.

मनन  क्यूँ  बहका
आंसूं क्यूँ  छलका  
कुछ  तो  था
जो  दिल  को  छु  के  निकला

पेद्द  झूमे
डालियाँ  घबरायीं
पत्तों  ने  हवा  का  हाथ  थामा
हवा  ने  भी  साथ  निभाया

इक  झोंका  जो  यादें  जगा  के  निकला
दिल  को यूँ  हिला  के  निकला
यादों  की  लड़ी  बनती  चली  गयी
कहीं  आंसूं  कहीं  मुस्कान 
बिखरती चली गयी  
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It all begins with a minor hint.The beginnings are what always stay somewhere hidden deep inside. We do forget the journey in between but we never forget the beginning. It gets registered in some seperate memory corner. A faint trigger and it all comes back. We feel as if it was yesterday. And How we wish we could go back and begin again. (Atleast i think so quite often)

A trigger of past and the chain reaction begins. All phases become fresh like episodes one after the other. A never ending show. Some make us proud, some make us want to do all over again perhaps differently. I have this strange and bad habit of thinking I could have done it better. I forget the part that - If I could have done it better I would have - right - then and there.


  1. Wow! The lines are beautiful! You're so right -- while beginnings may be subtle, each moment remains with us, only to be brought to the forefront when a trigger nudges it into action.

  2. If I could have done it better I would have - right - then and there. - Well said! All of us need to remember that!

    And beautiful lines there :)


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