Sunday, May 29, 2011

Bliss - Post 26

I read this at Chandni's blog and got the inspiration.

I have two fav places to sit at home. One is exactly like her - on bed with books on side table and TV in front.

But my preffered one is.. Easy chair by the window with huge mug of coffee and a book in hand, gazals playing in background. Feeling the warmth of sunshine or hear heavy rainfall on window. I love this chair of mine. Just sitting there looking outside and lost in thoughts is what i like the most ;)

I have another fav place which i rarely get to use. Its the swing in our garden. I just love sitting there watching the sky - be it the blue one with white clouds or the night sky with stars. Thanks to mostly cold and rainy weather I rarely get to do this. Having weekend morning coffee sitting there is an absolute bliss which I have got to experience only couple of times till now.

So tell me- which is your fav place to sit??


  1. Oh the easy chair one sounds blissful indeed!
    Mine is a swing in my living room, facing the balcony with a green and serene view outside :)

  2. i like the swing already.. show us a picture please..

  3. @Swaram : Ya, isn't it? A swing in living room - wow....that would be awesome esp with that added lovely view.

  4. @thewhiterain : I will post the swing picture soon :)


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