Wednesday, May 4, 2011

MAY BE - Post 1

I had this urge to go for NaBloPoMo this month but didn't see anyone participating so felt bit lonely and gave up the idea. And today i see Monika and a wonderful gang of girls in this and I just could not stay away. Ofcourse I want to :) :)

The theme for this month is "MAYBE"
and the prompt for today is "Talk about you feel about making decisions"

So here I start my first one with an impromptu poem...or just whats on my mind :)


I chose to pen down all this
because i wanted you to know
I am happy with your efforts
in helping me grow
for your never complaining nature
and for always being there
to tell me i deserve it
to show me you care
for that ever smiling face
and turning everything fun
so i can be happy
and make those sorrows run

I also want to tell you
I do get angry always
and say a lot that hurts
but do not mean that serious 
as its just an anger spurt

I want to tell you lot more
i also want to listen
I want to be there always 
and also want you to be there

MAYBE i will say it all
MAYBE i will hold you
And someday i will stand by you
And not let you ever fall

This MAYBE keeps life moving
and gives us that hope
someday we will do it all
without the need of proving

© 2011 Life Begins. Please DO NOT COPY.


  1. Thts a lovely poem. And i can relate to some parts of it!
    Great to have you in this along with!

  2. Thanks Iya. And Welcome here :)

  3. Loved the poem! It's beautiful! I am glad I found your blog through this blogathon! :)

  4. @Mystic Margarita: Thanks a lot both for coming here and liking the poem. Welcome.
    PS:I love this name..Mystic Margarita :) :)

  5. @Chandni : thanks a lot :) and Welcome

  6. Loved the poem! You are really good! Blogrolling you :)

  7. I like bharti didnt know u had hidden a poet somewhere :)

  8. @wordsndreamz : thanks a lot! Welcome here :)

    @Monika : thanks dear!! Ab kahan hidden raha yeh ;) ;)

  9. Very well written :)
    And u used the theme too! Awesome :)

    And I agree with Monu! Hv read u before, the poet in u rocks :)

  10. @Swaram: thank u thank u :) i feel so honored!!
    Welcome to my thoughts :)


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