Friday, April 22, 2011

Let's take the oath

Most of us already know about CSAAM April 2011 drive going on in blogosphere, twitter world and on Facebook . All the action and contribution- survivor stories, therapists views, legal aspects have been remarkable. (I also posted on this here.)

After going through heart-breaking stories everyday, i realised how much pain is there in every heart. On the face of it the whole world seems like smiling while we crib non-stop about our everyday problems. All this has made me realise how much every tiny gesture of true love and care mean. How difficult is to have that someone in life who can be there not only in smiles and joy but also in sorrows and pain. Someone who would understand and not judge. Someone who will support and not shrug. Someone who will understand the unspoken words.

CSAAM - the month long initiative by blogger friends has added a new dimension to the thinking. We live in the denial world unconsiously repeating in our minds - "This cannot happen to us". All different perspectives on this subject have been very awakening. Honeslty, how many of us bother to go and find out the legal aspects of anything.The whole intitiative has given hope to many and helped heal up. For some - to be thankful for having got the support and love of that "someone" and for others for getting over that what that another  "someone" did to them.

Speak up, Talk, Discuss, get professional help, provide space and biggest of all "LISTEN" and listen with support. - All these have been the keywords this month. A gentle reminder to ourselves every now and then about this is what we need. We need to be aware and prepared ourselves to listen and provide the right advise and support. Be well-informed yourself first so you can give the right information to your kids. React sensibly to anything your kid talks to you about. It might start as a simple incident from kids' day but might mean a lot. Like us adults, kids also first try to develop a comfort zone before they can let out the actual inquisitiveness or fear. Again - LISTEN and react accordingly. Ignoring something small as just another incident from school/daycare might have dire consequences. Be Aware, pay attention!! Nothing is worth ignoring.

It's an ongoing and lifelong effort and goes on beyond this month - Let's pledge to make this world a safer place for oursleves, for our kids and for all future generations!!

Once again - as I already wrote here

It's time we take oath
That noone can loath
Every child will grow up safe
Lets give them this faith!!

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