Thursday, April 14, 2011

CSAAM - It's only the Beginning!!

A touch here and a touch there...
Who knows its affecting where
Tiny brain tries to make sense
the adult brain makes it tense
Little soul senses trouble
Tries to run away from the fumble
Something haunts day and night
Noone knows that there is no light
Deep inside the darkness grows
Kills desires ...only pain flows
Mind tries to move on
Pain n guilt keeps tagging along

Life goes on...
And along grows the refusal to go on
World’s unaware and noone notices change
Making it all even more strange
Confidence vanishes
And dreams get crushed

Years pass by...
thoughts don’t give way
Hiding behind
Was all one could say
O a simple wish...
wish that someone would come one day
And understand it all the unsaid way

Take away that agony
Take away that pain
Give me my childhood
So I can grow up again

Come stand up
Come join in
We still have time
Together we can chime

Its time we take oath
That noone can loath
Every child will grow up safe
Lets give them this faith!!
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CSA – something the majority of us have experienced as much by known and as by strangers. A topic much suppressed by family. Afterall who wants to face the shame and guilt that it will bring to the family. In this whole shame-avoiding scene The family forgets about the shame and guilt that gets embossed in the child’s life.

How much impact an ignorable incident can have on one’s life is immeasurable. The Fear experienced can manifest itself in anxiety, panic, depression and insomnia. This is accompanied by feelings of powerlessness, insecurity, worthlessness and loneliness. Children often remain silent about sexual abuse. They feel ashamed, feel guilty or fear the perpetrator and think it will be more difficult for themselves when the abuse comes out.

After going through so many posts this month – we do not need any further proof of how deep a so-called minor and “sshhh….ed” incident can have on an innocent mind. It is a mutual responsibility of us parents and grownups to stop and punish anyone who tries to invade the territory of innocence.

I have been reading a lot on internet and came across wonderful and simple information on “From Darkness to Light”

A matter of 7 steps - 7 Steps to Protecting Our Children

And it was so apty said - The 7 Steps is Only the Beginning!!

Another very important aspect in this hi-tech era is to protect our kids in digital world. CSA is not just physical abuse – it includes all the porn some perverts try to introduce to youngsters.
Here is another good source on …

5 Tips to Protect Your Children in the Digital Age

All this has been said and emphasizes many times this month. But the idea is to generate as much awareness as we can. We need to stand up and take the right steps well in time. The healing will happen in the whole process along with confidence getting stronger. Our kids need us! And we need our kids – safe and happy!!

Child Sexual Abuse Awareness Month

Go Visit - Child Sexual Abuse Awareness Month - April 2011

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  1. Luvd the way you have expressed everything through this beautiful poem..Just the perfect mix of all the words and emotions..


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