Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A life - Post 21

Of this and that
Of here and there
We think we talk
We write and share

We hear and listen
We think we smile
We ponder and indulge
And do it for a while

Some lift this heart
Some give an ache
And moments we live
For no one's sake

Ever since i started blogging which is about 8 yrs now ( on different blogs) i came across so many different people and part of their lives. Irrespective of distances, gender, religion, age, likes, dislikes - people connected. With some its a quick connection... Something like that feeling one gets when meeting for the first time and yet seems like we know each other for long. That instant wavelength matching :)  - as some say! I have felt the same with many. But somehow i feel i need to take a step back before going all over into someone's life ... And opening up mine. Then there comes a time when the comfort level grows. Bloggers become friends. 

Isnt it amazing how we read something  and feel its exactly what we think. How quickly and how many times we nod at what we read. How often we read about things close to our heart. How we read things that we shy away from talking about. How we feel for things. 

I find blogging another world in itself. Another life parallel to physical being. With smiles, joys, tears, sadness, pats and bows, lows and highs .....with friends and aquaintances and perhaps enemies too. 

A life I can control and  look forward to all the time...!!! A life whose birth and death I can decide. 

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  1. i agree with you. sometimes one might know someone for ages and still feel usconnected and sometimes just 1 meeting is enough..


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