Monday, May 23, 2011

Flashback - Post 19

I was googling for soemthing on internet and somehow landed up searching for my first school. So many things/incidents flashed back in a split second. I was lost in the beautiful memories and smiling.

Here are few of those which came to my mind... And I am still smiling... :)


When I was in Class 1 (around last month of so in that class) , i lost my english book in school. I got the new one but could never forget that one(don't remember why) 3 years later when i was in Class 4 and was in library for something else - i found it there on one of the shelves - with same cover and my name there on :)
I somehow have the feeling the title of the book is in my mind too but somehow can't get it out.

When I was around 4 yrs and my little sister was just born - I used to take mental note of everything she would do. It felt like a responsibility that i should be telling her all that when she grows up. And i did remember quite a bit.

When I was around 5-6, I used to go buy dahi (yoghurt) from a special shop selling fresh yoghurt. I loved that walk alone and felt like I am doing a great job. But there was that secret (ok not secret at all actually after you read further) action i loved....i would eat some of the yoghurt while walking back home. (Oh how i loved that fresh set youghurt and i still do) Howsoever hard i tried to keep that a secret, i always always - without missing even once - spilled little bit on my t-shirt or frock and would be caught as soon as i would reach home inspite of my efforts to look my innocent best :)

I have been very fond of high heels and umbrellas right from my childhood. So as soon as one of my aunts would come home while on her way back from work - I would wait for her to take off her sandals and put her things aside. And next moment I would be out wearing those and holding that umbrella. I could play hours on with just those 2 things. Until one day i tripped over and hurt on of my finger very badly. I had to get stitches done. Please note - my love for high heels is still intact even though i was never allowed to wear my aunt's sandals ever again after that day.

When my sister was around 2-3 yrs and I obvisouly much older (than her), mom made dresses for both of us- exactly same style skirt-top but different colors. mine was lemon yellow and her was purple. It was exactly same style yet i liked her more. Her skirt has much more beautiful lace on the edges than mine. i felt my mom was partial because she was the baby doll of the house :) (But i dont think I ever complained about that openly - the wise elder sister I was and perhaps am :) )


So do you have any such memories from early childhood? Please share - would love to read.


  1. Awwww this is so cute. I can actually imagine you getting all upset because your sister had the prettier outfit :P

  2. In my childhood days, I put sand in a rice bag and practice fighting in it like bruce lee

  3. such lovely memories! The best was the bit on yoghurt. You were baby krishna in female form, weren't you, with your love for yoghurt, et al?? LOL :D :D

  4. @SMM : Hehehe :) Only thing that bothered me was the lace...other than that i loved the color and everything of my own :)

  5. @Jidhu : That's nice idea using a rice bag for boxing. You were creative.

  6. @Deeps : Thanks. Hehe - baby Krisha :) I love that.

  7. Ohh beautiful! Love reading such titbits frm the childhood :)
    I had written a post long bk :)

  8. @Swaram : Thanks a lot. And yes i loved reading yours too....i loooooved that sari draping ...but not suits :P

  9. Hey sis...I dnt even remember about that skirt..U should have told me once and I would have happily given it to u :)...luvd ur this blog so much..actually brought tears in my eyes..Miss u..


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