Monday, June 6, 2011

Another baby

Ok Ok....stop before you think too far...
It's about another love child :)

The baby here is another blog for my love - photography.

(Seems like photos and camera is the only topic I have these days - Thanks for bearing with me - You know I feel honored - right?)

Yes - so back to the new baby topic.

As Already announced (or taken on myself) - I am participating in 30 Day Challenge - June 2011. Taking a picture everyday for the month of June as per the topic.

And to  keep that seperate from this location (To save this one from turning into non-writing adda) I have a new baby - Life Behind Lens

Please pay a visit to my new baby and shower some blessings!

Thank you!!

PS: Do check out the flickr group for the awesome pictures people all over the world have taken. It's inspirational.

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