Monday, June 27, 2011

10 Days of ME - Day 2 - Loves

So 10 day challenge and I already missed day 2 & 3. Not good at all. I would have declared it Big Failure but No, i wont do so as yet. I have decided to run bit fast, catch up on missing posts and keep going as far as I can.

So here is Day 2 - 9 loves of my life...

First and foremost - my little girl - my daughter - Prisha. If am given only a split second to think, i would say She is my only love in life.

My sister - she is my soul. If i had multiple personality disorder, she would be one personality i would have loved to be :)

I love colors - in all forms. I am not a black n white person at all.

I love listening to gazals and sufu music

I love  a specific pair of heels i have. I wish they stay forever.

I love beaches. Only i need to be under the umbrella. cannot sit in sun for long. love the water as far as you can see the most.

I absolutely love to lie down and watch TV till late in the night. Don't need any company for that.

I love my camera. Taking pictures has become a routine. (Not that my daughter really appreciates that anymore)

I love samosas. Any number, any day, anytime :) (Oh How much i miss those choti dunkaan ke samose)


10 Days of ME - Day 1


  1. samosas sigh me too I love them and I was nodding to quite a lot of it

  2. :)

    ...m jus smiling after reading ur this post..n u knw the reason ...

  3. @MOnika : I want samosas now :( I so miss good hot hot samosas with green chutney.

  4. @Swaram : Ya Sufi music..i find it very healing and peaceful for the soul.

  5. @Prerna : :) I have nothing to add there now :)

  6. You said if i have multiple personality disorder, your sis will might not like comment, hehe, and i am just messing with you :). Also. mam, i do not have access to post comments here. Ok, i am going to eat some samosas...lolz

    - Saurabh


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