Friday, March 7, 2008

The complaining me !!

Just today i realised how much i complain all the time.
I complain about everything. I keep blaiming my luck (and for many of them HD too ) for everything that goes wrong or anything good that doesn't happen.

Everytime someone gets or does something good in life..i feel so jealous (well, with everyone i don't mean just anyone on this earth..i mean some people only) I start feeling how unlucky I am and how fortunate they are...why don't i ever get anything like this. But then a thought stuck me, do i even put efforts for getting those things? Whosoever has got something of whom  i get jealous has actually put in efforts to get them..they have shown interest, taken out the time to work on them and then only enjoyed the outcome. i just keep complaining for whetever i dont get. I rarely put in efforts.

when i have th opportunity to work, i don't do anything and when the opportunity goes away, i start complaining.  feeling so damn idiot and loser today. It's all my fault for whatever i havent achieved in life. Ah i go again..this time blaiming myself.... i always find someone to put blame on. So i can prove myself to be the innocent one, the victimised one.

I gotto change. Change this way of thinking. Change the way i act. Change the way i work. Change the way i have lived so far.

I have to start workiing. To put in efforts. To take out time for things i like. To organise myself.
I need to nurture those basic management skills.

And first of all, STOP COMPLAINING !!


  1. Thanks for stopping by!Self introspection and ACCEPTANCE of responsibility for one's actions require lot of courage.Amazingly honest post.
    Am glad you are taking the first step.Good luck!

  2. Thanks..i am in need of such motivation. :)


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