Monday, March 3, 2008

In search of an answer or answers

For sometime now i am thinking a lot about my career...
where am i heading to? Whats next? Do i like and enjoy what i am doing? What is the growth i look forward to? What do i actually want to do? Where do i stand? What have i achieved in last 2 years or rather 5?
These questions keep coming back to my mind and are bugging me a lot these days. So far i havent been able to find convincing answer to any of these. I feel kind of tired and done with what I am doing. I does'nt motivate me anymore. One  thing is for sure... I definately want some change now. i want something that would give happiness from within. Something that would be motivating enough to put in my best. Sometimes i feel i need to do some further study now. I don't like that fact that i didn't study enough...i dont even have a master's degree. I feel so low coz of this missing factor. I feel so embarassed when i have to mention my qualification somewhere. Just a bachelor degree...huh...shameful. I remember that day with utmost regret when my parents and brother were trying so hard to convince me to go for further studies but the adamant me only wanted to start working, to start earning as soon as i can. I had BIGGG plans of becoming an enterpreneur someday....Dunno where did all that spirit vanish...dunno when my  bigg plans got lost somewhere in the journey of life. I feel like a loser now. my career curve has been weird...i can't even follow it now.
The quest to find out the "right" thing is continuing...Let me see if i can reach somewhere soon. I want to sort it all out soon...very soon!

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