Friday, September 19, 2014

Letter to Dreams (Letter -3)

Dreams are the reality
Dreams the the truth
Dreams are the facts

We live because of dreams...
without dreams we just survive.

My Dear Dreams,

How I have looked forward to meeting you and then making it a point to remember you when i wake up. You bring pleasure, you bring boundless happiness and sometimes you bring tears too. You are the only one with whom I cry my heart out, I run away to places I most desire to go, I meet people I miss every single moment, I live moments that give most pleasure.

What would my life be without you!

Every night I look forward to drifting in my fantasy world with you.
You give me hope. You give me faith.

You show me the balance of life....a day can be both full of smiles and tears.

I thank you for being part of my life. For visiting me so often and letting me be me and yet taking away with you all that was not necessary for me to take to my life on the other side of sleep.

O dreams O dear dreams...come visit and strengthen everyone's faith in future...bring hope and bring life.

May you grow and flourish to become reality...and new ones be born...

With Much faith

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