Thursday, July 22, 2010

7-days to positivity - DAY 2

Oh its GREAT! Life is great. you are great. I am great. Day is great. Place is great. I am happy :) and smiing. Isn't that infectious. Are you smiling as yet?
Ok that was like a spoonful of  positivity syrup. Doesn't it make us feel good. A spoon full gives such relief to our sore soul. We  stop coughing. We are able to get that sleep we have been missing.

This dosage of  positivity syrup helps us realise its all much smoother than we thought.
Here is my spoonful of positivity for the day. And I am feeling absolutely awesome :)

  1. A very dear friend of mine asked me for my opinion about a very important decision of his life. I felt great and thankful for being so important in someone's life and that my views actually mattered so much.
  2. I could actually motivate a friend and make her feel great about something she and her partner are going to buy soon. She was not at all excited about it and tought it was a wastage unless we focussed on the bright side of it and allthe benifits. They surely did surpass the negatives :) And she is all looking forward to it now.
    I felt great that I could add to positivity in her life.
  3. I was sooo happy when inspite of running so late in the morning and leaving home too late to catch the metro - i managed to run fast enough and catch it :)
  4. I am happy that i can actually finish more than 2 jugs full of water in a day. I have been drinking too less..sometimes just one glass whole day.
  5. I so enjoyed that fruit flavored water this morning. Isn't it awesome how many types of "water" we get these days:) Though the traditional plain simple cool water wins over hands-down.
Ok that  was generous serving of  the syrup for the day.

Smile and Think positive!


  1. lovely list again! I must remember to drink water..and your number 1 reminded me to feel grateful for the same too! :)

  2. Love the badges too! Later when i thought about iti liked the first one better..Hence have put that. Will mail u why :)

  3. @Preeti : Thanks a lot. For visiting :) And for liking the badges. :)

  4. May I just want you to have a steady item in your daily list please?
    I just take the liberty to do so...and that's the positiveness that you add to my life each single day :). Thanks for being! :)

  5. @Dalina : Thanks Thanks Thanks lot! That means a lot to me.
    And did u read that ? ;) ;)


    this is the music piece most dearest to's an explosion of feelings, yet to be felt only inside and remain without words, where the words just remain so poor and insufficient...and it's my gift to you :)

  7. @Dalina : OMG.. I am totally speechless. Thanks for this most wonderful gift i have ever received.


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