Tuesday, July 27, 2010

7-days to positivity - DAY 5

I missed out one more day in between. Just was a bit busy day and then did not feel like logging on to my laptop by the end of the days. Preferred sleep over it :) Isn't that better? The idea is to feel good and keep up the positivity - whether i pen it down everyday or not.

Ok here goes my list including some uplifters from yesterday

  1. Got to sleep in yesterday morning owing to headache... but yet  extra sleep is always gooooooooood.
  2. Watched a movie in a thatre after almost 4 years. That was the HIGHLIGHT. The charm of it would take a days to fade away :)
  3. Spoke with a very dear friend after a long time. Heard some bad news yet it was so nice to talk to her after months.
  4. Got on the scales and saw some movement in the dircetion i would want it to keep moving :). I almost jumped with pleasure. 
  5. Went to pick up my daughter from creche yesterday evening. Usually my hubby does that. I hardly go there ever because of my long travel to work. The pleasure and surprise on her face was beyond words. I will treasure that moment forever.
It feels great to write few things which make you feel great. If not today, they would surely help you later in life whenever you cpoem back and read them.


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