Wednesday, June 11, 2008

It's Me

So I was tagged too :)
Thanks ~nm
I was so happy to get tagged until i started to write - uhh..lot of thinking..but here I go....
I'm : a confused person!
I think : all the time.
I know : I am very emotional.
I want : a clean nice big house.
I have : a beautiful daughter.
I wish : I could take a long vacation.
I hate : confrontation!
I miss : my sister and friends.
I fear : arguments.
I feel : heavy.
I hear : my daughter's laughter.
I smell : perfumes.
I crave : talking to friends.
I search: inner peace!
I wonder: why we are the way we are.
I regret: a lot.
I love : dancing.
I ache : when my HD is unhappy.
I care : for everyone.
I am not: a good negotiator.
I believe: happiness is on it's way.
I dance : if the music is catchy.
I sing : rhymes to my daughter.
I cry : almost instantly.
I don't always: do what i think is right.
I fight : like mad!
I write : occasionally.
I win : some.
I lose : some.
I never : had long hair.
I always: want to be on time.
I confuse: myself.
I listen: to my dad.
I can usually be found: on the couch with my laptop.
I am scared: of lizards.
I need : a satisfying career.
I am happy about: getting tagged by ~nm for this!
I don't know whom to tag...would tag when i have a list of readers.


  1. I'm so glad that I made you happy! :)

  2. Hahaha, I felt the same when ~nm tagged me, In fact, I asked to be tagged.
    Crazy people, like me.
    And I m yet to do it. She tagged me on this tag a week back.


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