Thursday, September 23, 2010

Hip Hip Hoerraaaa....

It's another thursday and the topic was such a nice one...I looked at pics from the carnivals, the flower parades, the birthday parties ...and found these such happiness filled ones...and all moments from that day came alive. It was a beautiful day - 2nd birthday of my darling daughter :)

A beautiful 2nd birthday party and the fun revealed in huge hip hip hurray :)

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  1. She's adorable, and so happy!

  2. @Gattina, Vicki, Vee : Thank you sooo much! Ya it was real fun as the bday girl herself enjoyed a lot.
    And Thanks for visiting. Keep coming back!!

  3. Oh my good...these photos are really infectious..feel like I am part of the celebrations ...
    happy belated birthday to little one..
    loved the decoration and Prisha is looking super duper cute and lovely

  4. Thanks B and Vandana :) Though these are alomst an yr old pics...the next bday is 2 months away :)

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  6. Hey, first time here, belated Happy Bday to your little angel!!

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