Friday, September 10, 2010

Life means ...Music ..Dance

After seeing this at Monika's i also got inspired to take part in Thursday Challenge  especially  because the topic is so close to my heart too.
I went through the collection of pics and came across this one...

I am glad I could pass on the dancing spirit to my little daughter through genes :)


  1. How cute and what a lovely dress:-)

  2. @B. : Thanks a lot. I like colorful dresses on her :) Adn this is one typical indian dress.

  3. so cute - is she dancing to the song on TV !

  4. @Ruchira : Yes she was dancing on the same song..i think it was that medley song from Om Shanti Om.

    @Monika : Thanks dear. She loves music and dance...and i am super glad about that :) :) Punjabi khoon ..hehehe

  5. slaap dalina massi slaap :) i can't help laughing when i remember that...will Prisha dance on saturday too?


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