Thursday, August 4, 2011

Anjaane se lagte ho

Ae anjaane saathi mere
yun saath chalte chalte
ho gaye kayi saal humein
phir bhi kyun lagte ho
tum anjane se meet mere

woh din yeh lamhe
nikalte hee chale jayengay
hum yun hee iss tarah
saath chalte hee jayengay

Na jane kyun ummeed hai mujhe
zindagi kee kisi rah pe
yun hee guzarte hue kisi mod se
dekhengay hum ik baar phir se
mein janungi tumhe aur tum pehchanoge mujhe

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Edited to Add: Just realised this is my 150th post. Saw this number just like that after i posted this. I would not have liked my some spl number post to be anything else than poetry. I am glad it turned out to be like this. If you are interested in more poetry here - here is the link


  1. :) :)
    Congrats on the 150th post!

  2. I remember reading about Prisha long bk! Ws it the same blog, or do u hv another one?


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