Monday, January 2, 2012

Top 5 Want-to-do list

A new Year...
Once again time to ponder
Once again the opportunity to plan the year ahead
Once again theI can decide what I want to do...

Some may also call these New Year resolutions...but somehow I chose to differ from that. The words "New Year Resolutions" freak me out - no idea why. So i just call it my To do list for the days to come

So Out of numerous things I want to do in the year to come...I am just listing Top 5...

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YES - This is the topmost in the list. Last whole year I have done absolutely NO reading.
And If you notice carefully this one actually combines TWO of my topmost things to do. 
1. Be CALM

So Number 2 is More Art and Craft with my little girl. Last year everything got quite neglected for some reason. I do not want that to be repeated. So I want to do more thinsg with my daughter and get the hands dirty. Any ideas to keep this going are most welcome. Come one people, keep me motivated.

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Ok So you have guessed it right. Yes, It is to go click click flutter flutter. I love photography ANd NO I am no where near boasting to be a good one. I am tooo amateur to be called even amateur photographer. (Does that make sense? WEll - you did get the meaning - right? )
OK So Click Click Flutter Flutter is the love of my life besides top 2 ;)

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Another one of the things I Love. Yes writing is something I have always enjoyed but somehow still dont write that regularly. To keep my love of writing poetry going, I have another blog - Just so all my attempts at poetry are at one place. Just in case you are interested its is -
I no nothing about poetry writing rules or anything like that. I just scribble anything that comes to my mind and rhymes a bit :) (Rather anythign that sounds poetry to me)
So in the coming year I want to continue on that side and scribble more and more.

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This should actually be the TOP MOST.  BTW, a part of it has been included in the Number 1 To- Do. (Remember? Keep Calm) Ok So I need to learn to manage my anger. This will solve millions of other problms and spare my dear husband of being my punch bag to take it all. (Ok not in its real sense actually - No ACTUAL punching happening)

So thats my list for the year to come. I seek motivation and help from all of you kind souls. Help me remain sane and focussed.

Bless you all....


  1. excellent I shud soon have my cannon one toooo i am so looking forwards to it ..

    all the best to staying calm :)

    take care and a happy new year to you and everyone around you ...


  2. Thanks Bikram. Looking forward to read your list. And hope your click click flutter flutter starts soon too.


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